Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Resolution already Broken

So its only Jan. 5th and I have already broken one of my New Year's resolutions. I had decided I would make a list of items I want to collect and only buy from that list. No more scouring ebay for fun deals, no more buying off Craigslist or from message boards. I am armed with a list and I have plan. OK no list yet, but that was a resolution too. All was going well until in a moment of bored weakness, I logged onto ebay.
Search:American Girl
Buy It Now
Newly Listed
A bitty baby lot, a fuzzy pictured bitty with the new starter set and 2 outfits on my list and the bouncy seat (my little bittys currently have no where to bounce their litte bums) all for $74, bargain right? The two outfits were on my mental list so that kind of counted as keeping my resolution. It came with girl jammies so I can pass those on to my DD 3, who could care less.
I'm not sure what eye color bitty has. Its a surprise I guess, couldn't really tell from the picture. I hope all the pieces are there.
Happy New Year to me.

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  1. Hee, hee! This is so me! I do a lot of shopping in thrift stores and on ebay. Beware those days of just "seeing what's on ebay". :) I end up buying every time! :) I really love your blogs and have just started my own. Nice to know there's another mom into dolls out here in cyberworld! :)